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the new threat
Magnus Thunberg 2023-11-22

The new threat - and how to protect your business

Cyber criminals are changing the world. Everyone knows about it and it's expected to go tenfold this year. Let it sink in. 


The only reason for backup is restore


When something happens, a restore from the safeguarded IT environment in the backup is the way. To ensure restore, you need to know that you have valid and working copies of your data available. This is what we do. Every day. For decades.


This is Cristie Recovery Assurance


  • An add-on functionality supported for Rubrik, IBM Storage Protect, Cohesity, AIX and DellEMC. Cristie BMR Recovery easily facilitates system recovery between dissimilar platforms for complete flexibility. Innovative features such as malicious file encryption detection and simulated system recoveries deliver the most advanced and feature rich system recovery workflow.
  • Automate recovery for your entire data center - Cristie BMR Recovery allows an application group of servers or an entire data center to be automatically recovered quickly in the event of a disaster.
  • Point-in-time system recoveries from your native backups - Cristie BMR Recovery adds full system recovery capability to point-in-time backups from your native backup applications. Recover systems in as little as 10 minutes - Recoveries can be carried out in as little as ten minutes to dissimilar physical hardware or to virtual & cloud environments.
  • Simplify physical system recovery - Cristie BMR Recovery automates the recovery of physical systems and integrates with leading remote access and boot management solutions.
  • Schedule regular recovery simulations - Recovery simulations can be scheduled to monitor recovery functionality and performance.
  • Full DR Orchestration & Reporting - Recovery jobs can be scripted for testing and failover including manual tasks such as loading a tape cartridge. Recovery reports can be generated for compliance purposes.
  • ML driven Recovery Log Analysis - Recovery reports are analyzed by our ML engine providing automatic correction of failure scenarios where possible or corrective guidance.



This is Cristie Ransomware Recoverability


An add-on functionality supported for Rubrik, IBM Storage Protect, Cohesity, and Veeam.
Cristie ransomware recoverability, powered by Predatar, automates recovery testing and deep malware scanning across your storage environment, giving you complete confidence in your ability to recover business-critical data in the event of a cyber-attack.


AI-powered threat detection

Using AI technology, Predatar hunts down and analyses potential cyber threats to keep your digital assets safe.


Automated Recovery Testing

Ensure your data’s resilience with automated recovery testing, effortlessly verifying the effective restoration of vital business information in the event of a cyber-attack.


Deep Malware Scanning

Our advanced scanning technology thoroughly checks your system for malware, catching even the trickiest threats to boost your resiliency.


Malware Cleaning

CleanRoom technology helps remove threats from your backups, to ensure that your data is free of malware if ever you need to recover it.


We at Cristie are helps you where you are right now, to protect your backup and ensure restore. All supported by our local teams and part of the Cristie Solution. Please feel free to contact for presentation and talks.



Magnus Thunberg

Working as a commercial advisor in the data protection market since 2012.