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Pernilla Arensparr 2023-11-22

Cristie & Rubrik Ransomware Restore Lab Workshop | 31 january

Learn how to recover your data after an attack!

Welcome to this virtual workshop!

In this 3-hour long virtual workshop, you will have the opportunity to identify breaches yourself and restore the backup environment using the Rubrik backup & recovery platform. The session suits a broad target group, for example IT engineers, managers and sales. With Rubrik's easy to use GUI, no deeper technical knowledge is needed to benefit from the workshop. The workshop is teacher led by Cristie and Rubrik staff.

“As a manager I wanted to understand and know how it works in case of beeing attacked. I joined the Cristie & Rubrik Ransomware Restore Lab and it gave me a great understanding of the process. I was amazed how pedagogic and easy it was to recover.”
- Manager in an IT company.



Cristie & Rubrik Ransomware Restore Lab Workshop

⏰ 13:00 - 16:00 
🗓️ Time: 31 january 2024
📍 Location: Online



Pernilla Arensparr (CEO) and the Cristie Team!


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