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Magnus Thunberg Jul 5, 2022 9:56:00 AM 1 min read

Cristie launches a security book on Amazon

Rethinking InfoSec: Cristie Edition: Thoughts on why today's Information Security doesn't work, and how we can do better.


This is the title of the book written by the author Greg van der Gaast, named one of the World’s Most Infamous Hackers. The focused work on security from a recovery view and the cybersecurity expertise from Greg lead to the cooperation. Greg has been writing several books in the Rethinking InfoSec-series and the Cristie Edition is from our view. 

Now available on Amazon


About the author

Greg Van der Gaast, formerly named one of the World’s Most Infamous Hackers, sat down with AI Journal to discuss leadership in cybersecurity. Greg is highly regarded for industry knowledge – do not miss this exclusive interview with a leading cybersecurity expert.

“Every Information Security professional needs to read this”


About the book

In this book, we explore what is going wrong with our general approach to information. Why is it that, despite huge amounts of effort and spending, we are unable to stop the increase of breaches? And why are those breaches so often caused by the simplest and most preventable issues? Are we approaching the problem correctly? Is there a simpler, more effective, and more rewarding way?

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This is what the book is all about, and the readers responses are:

“A disruptive read”

“Challenging your thinking”

“Every Information Security professional needs to read this”


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