We are happy to welcome Pétur Eyþórsson to the Cristie Team

Cristie Nordic and Cristie Data are dedicated to our customers success and confident that we can assist with high skilled team members. With this is mind we are proud to announce that Pétur have joined the Cristie Team as a Storage and Data Protection Expert! He will be part of technical solutions, designs and consultancy work in all Nordic countries and assist in DACH.

Get to know Pétur

Dear Pétur can you tell us shortly about your background?

Yes Magnus, I have more than 20 years in the Storage sector worked in consulting, analytics for product vendors. Instructor, speaker and author on Data Protection and Security related topics World wide for over a decade.


Thanks Pétur, I know you since before and are very happy to have an expert like you joining our team! What brings you joy in your profession?

Winning the competition, Victory is life :)


Sound great, what do you at your free time?

Culinary enthusiast, wrestling, golf, board games.


Nice, and I happend to know that you won the glima grettisbelt several times and was voted the best wrestler during the first IGA world championship! 

Why did you choose to join Cristie?

Cristie and I where a perfect match, we have the same values, and vision on the future.


We are happy to have you onboard at the Cristie team and sure that your experiences and interest to share will help many people in our regions! Welcome!


Cristie Nordic and Cristie Data are together covering the Nordic and DACH regions with professional services and solutions for data availability. We want to make your data available, anytime, anywhere!

Cristie is one of a few partners globally named Rubrik® ELITE and Rubrik® Authorized Support Partner meaning that we are carrying highest competence including local support. Our teams are ready to assist you in German, Swedish, Islandic and English. We are also top certified Cloudian®, Stronglink® and IBM® Partner and we are confident that know-how brings value to our customers.


Thanks for reading my #Welcome2Cristie blog!



Magnus Thunberg

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