TechTalk - CloudBrik T2 Design

Cristie TechTalk Cloudian Design

Welcome to Cristie TechTalk regarding CLOUDBRIK T2 powered by Cloudian on-premises object storage.

CloudBrik - TechTalk is a Live Video Technical Discussion between Cristie and an vendor, where we have a open dialog about dedicated topic. See here for more information.

At this TechTalk with Cloudian are we discussing Best Practice how to design a Cloudian Cluster and what we need to think of before starting.

During this 1 hours session are we going to bring up following topics,

  • Design of Cloudian software-only and Cloudian appliances
  • Scale-out for the future
  • How to think and work with availability, replication vs erasure coding

During our session will we open for Live Questions and we will then have a open dialog about your specific question. 

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