What I've Learned in my Five Months at Rubrik... They know Data Management

Guest blogger: Shawn Bulbrook (Principal System Engineer at Rubrik, Inc)


I want to thank our guest blogger Shawn Bulbrook to share he´s experiences regarding Rubrik. I think this blogg is really good from a technical engineers view! Thank you Shawn and wish you all a happy reading!



I recently joined Rubrik after spending the past 5 years competing against them. From the outside looking in I thought I knew the enemy. I viewed Rubrik as just another backup. I was way off.


One of my biggest misconceptions about Rubrik was not understanding the brilliance of the SLA Domain and how it massively simplified data protection. I use to view it as nothing more than a backup policy. Since crossing over and seeing the light I can now confidently state that a policy is to a Rubrik SLA Domain what McDonalds is to fine dining.


The Rubrik SLA Domain 100% completely removes the need for human intervention and automates from end-to-end the entire BACKUP part of BACKUP & RECOVERY. That may not sound like much to you but to the backup guy (and I spent 7 years as the backup guy) this is where we spend and waste most of our time. Tweaking, troubleshooting and managing the backup and backup infrastructure. 


When I say automate backups I mean automate the entire backup process. From discovery of new objects and auto protecting, scheduling and running backups, balancing backup jobs, clients, agents, self healing, self learning and improving, managing backup infrastructure, troubleshooting failed jobs and on and on...is all eliminated and 100% automated.


SLA Domain Automation of your backups is game changing in that it allows you to focus on what you can do with the data once it is backed up… and on Rubrik this is where all the possibilities and fun begins.


A second misconception I had of the Rubrik platform was it was simple and lacked sophistication. Competing against them with our platform it was like, look at this we can tweak this, turn that, adjust this gflag over here and ratchet up your erasure coding over there and look over here at this big chunk of storage attached to us so you can place your production files on the same platform as your backups and 3rd party apps. Rubrik isn't hyperconverged storage like us and they don't let you manage the infrastructure like you can with us.


I learned the reason why when I joined Rubrik... we don’t require all this manual intervention due to the fact that the same ML intelligence at the heart of our platform is also managing the entire infrastructure as well and its doing a better job than if it was manually managed. You don't have to tweak or manage anything as Rubrik does it all for you, and learns from itself to improve beyond any manually driven solution. 


The reason they need the knobs, buttons, manual settings and extra management is they also have to support production files running on top of their hyperconverged storage platform that runs along side their backups and 3rd party analytic apps. 


Any storage Admin knows that you need to tweak, adjust, balance and manage a storage platform. The reason they have all these management points on their storage/backup platform is they need them for the production data running on their storage.


…but isn’t the goal SIMPLICITY and the elimination of tweaking, troubleshooting and manual management something we are trying to achieve? 


Rubrik already simplified and automated the entire backup process with our intelligent SLA Domain, why would we want to add back complexity by making you manage your backup infrastructure? We Automatically Index, Encrypt, Compress and Deduplicate everything. Why wouldn't we, we are backup!! 


Wouldn't you rather have a Machine Learn injected platform that self manages, self heals and self improves versus having a backup platform that you must manually tweak and monitor because of the attached production file storage that comes attached to their backup platform?


I have learned a great deal in the five months since joining Rubrik with the most important lesson being: Rubrik knows Data Management because we Focus on Data Management.


We have built a modern day software based data management solution spanning from your data centre into the cloud that radically simplifies:


Data Protection

  • Data Integrity - Virus Free, Compliant and Privacy Protected backups
  • Value Extraction of your Data
  • Cost Optimization

Isn’t these four key pillars the holy grail of Data Management?





We at Cristie notified questions from customers around Europe asking what Shawn is writing. Based on this we made our new solution CLOUDBRIK based on the backup concept of Rubrik and added more value with Cloudian object storage, our top certified engineers and other cloud services into one single solution installed at customer DC. 


The success of CLOUDBRIK have been good and requests for more information and orders have grown rapidly. 


If you want to know more, join our CLOUDBRIK webinars, linked below.






Magnus Thunberg

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