What's new in Spectrum Protect 8.1.10 and Plus 10.1.6


This presentation is a technical look at the new features in IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.10, Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.6 and Spectrum Copy Data Management 2.2.11IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus deliver the following new capabilities:

  • Protect Amazon cloud-based workload EC2 instances using EBS snapshots
  • Lower costs and gain air gap protection by utilizing tape for long-term data retention using retention set copy to tape
  • Optimized cloud disaster recovery by utilizing object storage for protection of the IBM Spectrum Protect database
  • Intelligent management for protection of persistent volumes in a Kubernetes environment by using the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus user interface
  • Protect file system data through agentless data protection of Windows physical and virtual machines (VMs)
  • Dashboard view of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus operations through the IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center
  •  mproved job monitoring in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus with VM and database-level backup progress indicators
  • Support for Oracle databases running on Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS) On CDM the new support includes SAP HANA integration support and log recovery.

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