Installing SPFS on Linux

Today’s Blog post will explain how to install SPFS and create a standard configuration


Before you even get started make sure you have following components installed on your Linux machine:

  • Spectrum Protect API Client 8.1 or higher
  • FuSE library installed

You also need to collect following information about your database environment.

Path to where to store backups


Owner and permission for backed up files


Spectrum Protect address and port number

See /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsm.sys

Spectrum Protect credentials

Admin username and password to setup Spectrum Protect



First step is to install SPFS on your Linux machine, which is easiest to do with your normal installation tool.

RedHat/CentOS and SuSE

yum install spfs*.rpm

Debian and Ubuntu

dpkg -i spfs*.deb

After the installation do you need to activate the product either via a trial license or the full license key.

By running the getlicense command you will get a system key that Spictra needs to generate a license for you. Send that output to


When you got your license code you need to add it to the license.txt file in directory /etc/spfs/

echo 1234-5678-ABCD-EFGH-A1B2-C3D4-E5F6-G7H8 > /etc/spfs/license.txt


Spectrum Protect Configuration

Create the stanza name in the Spectrum Protect API dsm.opt

echo SERVERNAME SPFS > /etc/spfs/dsm.opt

Create the SPFS dsm.sys file where you insert your Spectrum Protect Server information.

cat >> /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/dsm.sys <<- eof
    ERRORLOGNAME /var/log/dsmerror_spfs.log

In the Spectrum Protect Server GUI or CLI you need to create a regular backup-archive node.

dsmadmc -id=<your admin id> -pa=<your admin password> "register node SPFS <node password> domain=<your backup domain>

SPFS Configuration

First we need to create the configuration file for SPFS

cat > /etc/spfs/spfs.opt <<- eof
OPTIONFILE /etc/spfs/dsm.opt

We need to save the node password in the TSM.PWD file encrypted. 

setpassword /etc/spfs/TSM.PWD <<< <node password>

Let's create the backup directory where your application will send it's data to and where SPFS mount the Spectrum Protect Filesystem.

mkdir /backup
mount.spfs /backup

I hope you found this blog post useful and I wish you a great summer!


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