How to Update Cloutility

This video demonstrates how to update the Cloutilty-software. For the purpose of this video, an old software-build (3500, approx. 2 years old*) has been installed, and is updated to the current latest published software-build (3958).

As part of the demonstration, the “check for updates” feature is previewed, but the update process is completed following our recommended approach, i.e. by downloading and running the latest available software-installer (refer to the administrator's manual for download options).

During the update process, all settings from the previous installation/update are pre-filled, so depending on your configuration it’s likely that you will only need to fill in the “password” fields, at most.

* Note that the reason for the database updates taking so long (approx. 34 minutes), is that all database updates (if any) from any intermediate software-builds (between the current and the new) are applied sequentially to ensure that everything works, i.e. the time it takes for the update process to complete is reduced when updates are applied more frequently. 


# Timeline
0:18 "Check for updates"
0:40 Run downloaded software-installer
1:22 Fill in the missing passwords

Thomas Bak

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