How to install Cloutility

This video demonstrates how to install and perform the initial configuration of Cloutility on a clean host-machine (see below), including configuration of custom URLs (corresponding to the placeholder URLs used in Cloutility’s administrator’s manual), i.e.:

- API: http://api.mydomain.tld
- App:


# Timeline
0:08 Installation identity
0:24 Installation directory and terms
0:26 Administrative user account
0:33 Database connection
0:49 Installation
1:55 Installation complete
2:19 Initial sign-in
3:05 System owner business unit name
3:26 License
3:49 Configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) for custom URLs
4:32 Verifying that custom URLs work 6:09 Authorizing the custom URL for the GUI to access the API
8:16 Changing the URL for the API

# Host-machine
- Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (evaluation) with all available updates applied.
- Brave web-browser installed and set as the default for the current user (as well as the installation identity, “administrator”).
- Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor.
- IBM Spectrum Protect Client: Required for interaction with IBM Spectrum Protect.
- Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
- Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express (could be installed on a separate host-machine).

Thomas Bak

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