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Magnus Thunberg Nov 22, 2023 12:32:20 PM 2 min read

Cristie Solution Rubrik - MSP EDITION

Cristie Nordic AB, a member of the PEDAB Group, a 200 million EUR organization offering IT solutions and distribution across 10 European countries, is delighted to announce the launch of a new service release.

Cristie Solution MSP EDITION – Powered by Rubrik

Since 2013, Cristie has been delivering the Cristie Solution to numerous Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across Europe. Starting in 2018, we expanded our offerings to include Cyber Resilience-as-a-Service, powered by Rubrik.

Introducing the new MSP EDITION, our objective is to empower our partners with self-service automation, on-premises multi-tenancy, and streamlined billing processes for thousands of end-customers within our collaborative service.

Addressing the challenges faced by MSPs, we aim to provide solutions for:

  1. Ensuring cyber resilience for both our customers and our own services.
  2. Maintaining profitability and competitiveness in the dynamic MSP market.
  3. Simplifying the billing process and transforming it into a revenue-generating engine for the service.

In the Cristie Solution MSP EDITION, we have prioritized these three critical aspects.


Cyber resiliency

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We are streamlining the transition from BaaS/DRaaS to a Cyber Resilience-as-a-Service, powered by Rubrik.

The initial step involves implementing immutability, along with all security features, at MSPs DC, and collectively launching these services to the market. Subsequently, if desired, we can introduce additional services such as Data Threat Analytics, Data Security Posture, and Cyber Recovery services at a later stage. These supplementary services can be managed either on-premises or as SaaS offerings.



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Since the inception of the service, Cristie Solution has been offering our partners (MSPs) a flexible pay-per-use model. This approach guarantees profitability for the MSP while fostering shared growth in market shares. The pay-per-use model eliminates the need for upfront investments, allowing us to optimize your costs in alignment with your sales. According to our assessments, MSPs stand to benefit significantly, gaining one of the most lucrative services in both backup and Cyber Resiliency.


Revenue Engine

Cristie Rubrik Self-service

We offer an on-premises multi-tenant automation portal within the MSP DC, designed to streamline and enhance service visibility for customers. This includes a simplified, automated billing process, enabling you to generate invoices for thousands of billing lines in seconds.

The portal will be customized with your logo and features multi-tenancy, end-user self-service, provisioning, scheduled reports and alerts, central administration, subscription-based recurring billing, a simplified support process for your IT staff, and REST API functionality for automation processes.

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As is customary, the Cristie Solution MSP Edition includes feature-rich Cristie Services, with European Support and pre-sales available in Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, German, and English.

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We are prepared to support you in establishing your new revenue engine and achieving a market-leading position in Cyber Resilience-as-a-Service!

We are ready to assist you in establishing your new revenue engine and positioning yourself as a market leader in Cyber Resilience-as-a-Service!

Please reach out to us for more information.


Magnus Thunberg

Working as a commercial advisor in the data protection market since 2012.