We all need to do what we can to minimize carbon footprint (measurement of the amount of greenhouse gas, including carbon dioxide, CO2) and we wanted to provide a managed service based on clean renewable energy.


First resault, we started a CLOUDBRIK data protection managed service together with Rubrik and Cloudian in a wind farm.

Interview from the opening of the first entity in Germany together with Rubrik:



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The reasons for data protection is to secure the data and make it available and reachable as easy as possible. When we wanted to add clean power to the managed service, we looked at wind farm because it provides the possibility to build security into several DC and provide high reliability and availability.


The cluster based technology in CLOUDBRIK is optimal, we can separate the erasure coded cluster nodes cross windmills in the farm and reduce risk of DC failures. Each windmill has high security with 1m thick walls, DC security and power redundancy. Each windmill is connected with very high-speed network between the mills and the world.


The CLOUDBRIK service will then be secure, reliable and available with limited risk of data failure (up to 99,999999999999& availability) and the option to connect several clusters with geographic redundancy by connect wind farms with each other.


The first up and running solution is built by Cristie Rubrik and Cloudian technology in Germany and 100% powered by renewable energy source, the wind. All provided as a managed data protection and archive service in CLOUDBRIK concept. 


Learn more about CLOUDBRIK and the close cooperation between Cristie and Rubrik/Cloudian to provide modern data protection as a service around DACH and the Nordics at:


I want to thank Rubrik- and our German-teams for taking the first step to minimize carbon footprint, great work!!

Magnus Thunberg
Solution Enabler Leader 
Cristie Nordic, Sweden.


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Magnus Thunberg

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