Adding items for backend Servers in Cloutility

This video demonstrates how to quickly connect backend servers (IBM Spectrum Protect & Spectrum Protect Plus) to Cloutility, assign backend items (backup nodes and hypervisors) and view the items in the automatically generated status reports.


# Timeline
0:05 Building an initial business unit hierarchy
0:38 Creating a data center
0:51 Adding an IBM Spectrum Protect server 
1:30 Adding an IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server
2:05 Assigning items from backend servers
2:45 Viewing a newly added backup node
3:12 Viewing a newly added hypervisor and its resident virtual machines
3:39 Assigning virtual machines as consumption units
4:00 Viewing assigned virtual machines
4:09 Bonus: Clearing today's reports
5:01 Viewing status reports

Thomas Bak

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